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State Flags for Sale in Jacksonville Beach

American state flags not only help you show your pride for your state, but they also help you learn the history and diversity of each state, from Alabama all the way to Wyoming. For instance, if you were to look at the Nyl-Glo Annin Pennsylvania flag, you'll notice in the middle is a shield that contains a ship, a plow and three stalks of wheat. This shield is actually the shield of the William Penn family, who was of course the original founder of the Pennsylvania colony.
Did you ever wonder why the Nyl-Glo Annin California flag contains the image of a bear? That is because when California was still under the control of Mexico, American pioneers launched a revolt to overthrow the Mexican garrison. In need of a flag, William L. Todd drew a bear on a piece of cloth. When the garrison was overtaken, the bear flag was hoisted and has been flying as the symbol of California ever since. These are just two examples. Windy Creations has flags for every single state and territory, including American Samoa, Guam and Puerto Rico.
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